Cloud and Networking

  • Cloud services are managed by IT service providers.By using cloud services, your company can quickly scale both infrastructure and software. You will also lower costs as you don’t need to pay for on-premises software licences, or the IT employees to perform installations and upgrades.
  • How are cloud services delivered?Cloud services are delivered through a public cloud, private cloud or a mix of both commonly known as hybrid cloud.
      • Public cloud servicesCloud services that are available over the web are referred to as public cloud services. The main benefits of a public cloud service include the ability to share resources at scale, flexibility and lower costs. The popular SaaS apps like Slack, Dropbox and Gmail are all accessible through a public cloud.
      • Private cloud servicesWith a private cloud services model, apps and data are only available through the company’s internal infrastructure. Companies working with highly sensitive data often use a private cloud, which can offer them greater security.
      • Hybrid cloud servicesHybrid clouds combine public clouds with private clouds, with the two platforms interacting seamlessly together.
    Dimension Data: experts in cloud

    Dimension Data offers cloud advisory services and is able to help you with cloud migration, operation and optimisation. We will help you unlock the full power of cloud through a flexible, optimised solution that’s inherently secure.

    We provide everything you need to view and control the assets, data flows and security risks in your cloud-based workloads and applications. Our cloud security solutions provide consistent protection across multiple clouds in line with your governance, risk and compliance requirements.

    Domain name services

    Manage and resolve domain names securely and reliably, without the need to add a custom domain name system (DNS) solution.

    Interconnectivity services

    Establish low latency, highly available private network connections between your on-premises network and IBM Cloud as well as intra-cloud connections between IBM Cloud virtual private clouds (VPCs) and classic infrastructure.

    Internet services

    Use a suite of security, reliability and performance capabilities designed to protect public-facing applications, workloads and APIs.

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